10 Fun Facts About Makafui, Volta Regional Representative For GMB 2020 That Would Make You Fall In Love

Freeman Makafui Matilda is a four-time winning Queen who is presently Volta Region’s representative in Ghana’s Most Beautiful contest. Having the full support of her family, friends and fans has embarked on a new journey. A new journey that might make her the next Ghana’s most beautiful.

Tilly whose pictures are circulating all over social media is still a mystery to a lot of people. Helping you familiarize with her, these are 10 fun facts about her that would make you fall in love.

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1. She loves Sobolo

Sobolo, a drink loved by many has its nutritional values. But in cases where choices can be made, one cannot be trusted. However, Makafui would choose Sobolo over wine anytime, any day.

2. Handbags over jewellery

While some may opt for jewellery, Tilly would rather take handbags which is true if you look at her pictures. She dresses simply yet endows it with class and elegance with her ever-present smile and confidence.

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3. A crush on Adjetey Annang

Adjetey, a Ghanaian Actor who plays the role of Pusher in the YOLO series steals the hearts of a lot of women whenever he works his magic. When asked who her celebrity crush was even internationally, Tilly didn’t hesitate to mention the sweet Adjetey.

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4. Loves Agbebolo by Celestine Donkor

Everyone loves music but everyone still has a favourite that speaks to the soul, one that gets you jumping up to the rhythm. For Matilda, it is Celestine Donkor’s Agbebolo that gets her every time.

5. Loves Dede Ayew

While choosing Football over Wrestling, Dede Ayew is her favourite sports personality. I guess she has great taste.

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6. Loves Banku and Okro Soup

While not knowing if she may be a foodie or not, banku and Okro soup is a meal she would not pass by even on a bad day.

7. She prefers tall guys.

Nobody intends to offend the “down to earth” guys though. But then, Makafui loves a tall guy. She wants someone who can fix the bulb without so much hustle.

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8. She is a Benz girl.

If you haven’t noticed so far that she has great taste, then this should catch your attention. Her favourite car is a Benz oh. A Benz is what it is.

9. She is a go-getter

Only being encouraged by friends to try Pageantry for the first time because they thought she had a great model figure, Tilly put in the effort and won. Three other times she went in for it, she won. It seems that once she sets her mind on something, she achieves it.

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10. A proud Voltarian

Not many are proud of where they come from but Makafui begs to differ. Hailing from Peki, she calls herself a Proud Voltarian who isn’t shy of her roots.

 At least for now, you have a personality attached to the face. She is not just a beautiful smiling face but also a down to earth and a calm soul.

Once she gets on your screens, you would know what people who know her love about her.

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Keeping your votes ready, be prepared to see talent and skill showcased from a born and bred Voltarian. Be prepared to fall in love with her humility and diligence. If you didn’t know by now, she is a force to be reckoned with.


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