Young Ghanaian Business Executive To Speak At Harvard Business School

A young Ghanaian business mogul has been invited by the Harvard Business School to speak to its students.
As the world looks to Africa as the next big thing, African Entrepreneurs are being sorted after for their expertise in a world bound with great resources.
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As major African cities continue to grow especially within the urban centres, demand for high-quality commercial and residential real estate in both West and East Africa is also on the rise.
With regard to this, It’s only a little wonder that a business executive who runs a multi-million dollar business in the real estate industry in Ghana,  Emmanuel Kojo Jones, CEO of Empire Domus and managing director of Empire Concrete has been invited by the world’s premier university, Harvard Business School (HBS) to share his success formula in the real estate terrain on Africa at a conference of over 1,500 attendees from all over the world.
Emmanuel Kojo Jones-Mensah comes from a strong lineage of business entrepreneurs. He acknowledges that “business DNA flows through his blood”. With an educational background, mostly from UK universities such as Coventry University. Kojo Jones holds an LLB from London Metropolitan University, Business diploma from LMU and also holds an MBA in oil and Gas management.
He is also a qualified civil and commercial mediator. Kojo’s drive and passion for creating employment and opportunities for people landed him in business. After studying in the UK, he joined New Generation Construction in the 2012 where he worked as a business development manager. He later started building luxury homes in the UK for sale.
This year’s conference which is themed Africa Forward; Forging New Alliances For The Future, however, promises to celebrate and promote awareness of existing innovative solutions that have been deployed in Africa, in addition to motivating attendees to create more innovative solutions to overcome the challenges in Africa.
Starting from February 15th-16th this year, the 21st edition among other things seeks to leverage on the experiences of African Entrepreneurs to share their wealth of knowledge and experience as well as address questions regarding the role African Entrepreneurs play in Future development and the challenges African property developers currently face.
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