Arrest all those who snap whiles driving – Kwaku Manu advocates

Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu has called for the arrest of people who uses their phones when they are driving.

In a video, Kwaku Manu said drivers endanger their lives and others when they patronise Snapchat, Facebook live, Instagram and other social media sites.

The actor pleaded to the Ghanaian government and the police administration to apprehend all those who would be found culpable.

“I will plead to the authorities to arrest people who use their phone by visiting Snap, Facebook, Instagram and other sites, recording videos while behind the steering wheel.

“This has caused a lot of accidents, many lives have perished and something must be done urgently. It is not all the accidents that are spiritual occurrence but most are due to human error,” he stated.

He urged the authorities not to spare anyone who would be arrested.

“People’s status should not be considered when they are at fault, whether celebrities or whoever should be used as a scapegoat. Even if it is me [Kwaku Manu] they should arrest me,” the Kumawood actor advocated.

Kwaku Manu advised Ghanaians to love life and avoid anything that will lead them to any untimely death.