Breaking: 2 Legon professors busted in ‘sex for grades’ scandal

Two renowned Professors of Ghana’s premier University, Legon have been busted in sex for grade scandal that is yet to be aired, MyNewsGh.com has confirmed.

The investigations conducted by BBC Africa Eye, captured incidents of sexual harassment by these lecturers including the two named professors in Ghana and other West Africa’s most prestigious universities.

A trailer of the documentary has been released ahead of the premiering of the documentary. Sources reveal that one of the professors, whose position is critical in the current administration has been moving from one place to the other, seeking support to redeem his sinking image in the wake of the announcement.

It would be recalled that MyNewsGh.com in July 2018, uncovered some respected University Lecturers who have made it their consistent habit of sleeping with female students for academic favors.

The names sighted by Mynewsgh.com were extremely shocking, mind-blowing as indeed a very tight bubble is about to burst!

The top lecturers across various Universities in Ghana, focus on the 5 main public Universities are jittery and fearful about the impending release of various forms of evidence given by students in text, audio, pictures, and videos of how their lecturers had sex with them to give them grades, MyNewsGh.com learnt.

The said lecturers from various Universities in Ghana particularly the five main public Universities have been calling their victims one by one to plead with them not to speak to journalists when contacted and also to plead for forgiveness.

At the same time, these implicated lecturers, some of whom have left the classroom to take up higher positions elsewhere and some still ‘in business’ have resorted to seeking to bribe and cajole the journalists who have gathered the evidence after 3 months of painstaking investigation and interviewing over 75 ladies who willingly stepped forward with shocking sexual evidence.

The lecturers, from the massive evidence, use pure blackmail on the students and sometimes forcefully having their way when they corner the students in their academic cubicles.

It was shockingly discovered that there were guest houses and hotels in Accra, in the case of UG Lecturers for example, where the owners “know what to do” when they get a call from the lecturers about arrangement, making the student go ahead there in advance and wait or at a bungalow when Madam is out.

One lady who was due for graduation in one of the top public Universities in Ghana was deliberately failed by one popular lecturer because the student refused his sexual advances. When she gave in, her results change miraculously last minute, MyNewsGh.com can confirm from the evidence we saw.

More ladies who narrated their ordeals, particularly in the University of Ghana, three particular departments, also revealed how they were not able to graduate from the University as a result of that as they flatly refused.

Of the three months investigation, University of Ghana particularly had current students, not just past students, confirming to the investigation team how their lecturers sleep with them to give them good grades, or give them both the exams questions and the marking scheme ahead of time.

The lecturers who make their student add them to their class WhatsApp groups use the opportunity to assess the ladies by their pictures and start sending private messages. Sometimes the lecturer can spot the ‘meat’ in class and ask her to send him a ‘hi’ on WhatsApp.




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