Ghanaian math-goddess graduates with PhD in Mathematics from top UK varsity

A young Ghanaian woman who gained the attention of major eye balls globally for the superior quality of work she produced for her PhD in Mathematics for the University of Glasgow, UK, has successfully graduated. Angela Tabiri, a young female math-goddess who made headlines for the higher quality of work she produced for her PhD in Mathematics for the University of Glasgow in the UK, has successfully graduated as a doctor of Mathematics. She earned media attention when her PhD thesis in Mathematics for the university was first shared by globally revered Ghanaian, Ben Dotsei Malor. Upon successfully graduating with a PhD in Mathematics, Dr. Angela Tabiri, has become an inspiration to young women especially young girls in Africa who either want to or are pursuing courses that would eventually lead to careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). While Mathematics is generally regarded as a no-go area for most women, Dr. Angela Tabiri, has challenged this narrative after successfully graduating with a PhD in Mathematics. READ ALSO: Young female teacher spends her school break time sewing torn uniforms of pupils Tens of people including love ones have expressed their sense of pride for Dr. Tabiri’s rare achievement after super proud friends shared her remarkable feat via Facebook in photos, along with captions: Some comments below Ben Dotsei Malor’s post read: Like most math geniuses, Dr. Angela Tabiri would use the knowledge and skills acquired in solving problems including finding solutions to diseases, researching into its causes and developing long lasting solutions to critical world problems. Dr. Angela Tabiri has become an incredibly capable, dynamic and ’empowered’ woman who ought to be highlighted and elevated.


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