Ghanaian musician Julius Fakta donates to orphanage

Upcoming Ghanaian musician Julius Fakta who’s well known for his ‘Friday‘ hit song has donated to the orphanage.

Julius Fakta

Photos shared on his Instagram handle indicates that he had a good time doing this.

He remarked that he will take it upon himself to once-in-a-while donate to the poor and needy because he believes little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.

Below is his full caption:

‘Yesterday We Decided To Visit The Orphanage And See The Little One’s …We Brought Gifts Too …

These kids Are Our Future And We Need To Do Any And Everything Possible To Secure That future For Them …

I ThinK I Have Taken It Upon My Self To Be Doing More of This Often …I Know It’s Not Much But Little Drops Of Water Will Make A Mighty Ocean oneday…You Can Also Join In If You Want .It Doesn’t hurts To Be Kind To Others Especially the Little Ones !”

Swipe through the photos below:

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