Godfidence Losu Is the New Guy Hollywood Must Watch out For – Black Panther Cast Says

Godfidence Losu Is the New Guy Hollywood Must Watch out For – Black Panther Cast Says

Talented and popular Ghanaian movie director, Godfidence Losu has been tipped as the next big thing in the Hollywood industry.

According to Black Panther actor, Hasaan Rasheed, Godfidence is the biggest thing Ghana will ever produce in the movie industry. He complimented the Zoli director for having an amazing creative spirit.

Hassan Rasheed

Speaking in an interview with Home base TV, Hasaan Rasheed, the Black Panther actor said:

“My journey back to Africa was by far no accident. After my tours and adventures on set with Marvels Black Panther, I decided my calling in another field of life had awakened.’’

Explaining how he came across Godfidence Losu, the ‘Black Panther ‘and ‘Immortal Man’ actor said the impact of the Black Panther movie and its effect on the world hadn’t gone unnoticed and so he asked himself what he could do with the real Africa Wakanda to open the eyes of the world.

Godfidence Losu directing the new movie

“I wanted to have the same type of impact with something that the people could truly relate to. It just happened that I came across an article about an unknown Director from Ghana. That director is Godfidence Losu.
I sent him a message and he responded and he was excited about a collaboration. I knew at that moment that we had a connection that would be like no other” he added.

Hassan on set in Ghana

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Hasaan Rasheed was in Ghana to shoot for a new movie he’s producing with Godfidence Losu. The movie, titled ‘War from the archives’ is the duos first-ever collaboration which the Black Panther hero said will be “our starter baby to show the world how great we can be together and expose the creative talent that Africa has to offer straight from the people who get overlooked.”

Godfidence Losu is a Ghanaian movie director who has carved a niche for himself in the movie industry due to his skills and creativity. He is the director of many music videos and movies, including Zoli.

Earlier in 2020, Tieghanaonline.com reported that Godfidence got handpicked by a Hollywood casting director, to produce a Hollywood collaboration movie here in Ghana. Courtesy of the coronavirus outbreak, that production hasn’t happened yet.

Source: Tieghanaonline.com

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