Heartbreaking: How 13 -Year-Old Rape Victim Committed Suicide

Abena Maghis, a lifestyle coach and counsellor has shared a chilling story about a rape case that was sent to her anonymously and it is sad.

The following is the full unedited story:

Auntie Abena, some of us mothers don’t know what is happening and you’ll talk to your children ask questions and they won’t say anything until it is too late. My daughter was 8 years and started behaving strangely. Her way of walking, was swinging her hips and wearing these skimpy dresses. You’ll ask her and she’ll tell you her step mother bought them for her. I told her father to warn his wife not to be making her wear such clothes again but he rubbished me.

then my daughter fell seriously sick on her 10th birthday. In the morning we were all discussing on her party and arranging things. She suddenly came to me said that, “mummy, my head is paining me.” I touch her forehead and she has a slight fever. So i told her, ‘o go and take a rest. You can sleep for a while after taking medicine.” She took the medicine and went to sleep. Woke up and was vomiting. Ei what is happening. So my husband and I rushed her to the hospital and she was admitted. She must have talked to the doctor because then he asked for so many tests to be done on her.

He told us that she had syphilis. syphilis? You can imagine my shock. I cried that day while not knowing the full story because she wasn’t talking to me. She then told my husband that she knew I will beat her. I cried even more because yes I’ve punished her when she goes wrong but not for something like this. Finally the whole truth came out. Her step mother’s younger brother who was living with them had been abusing her since she was 7. She spent vacations with them and the boy was sleeping with her.

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He used to call her his wife after we settled the whole issues of his sister snatching my ex from me. I never liked her but he was very friendly. Little and never knew that he was sleeping with his “wife” and my little girl was in love with him. He told her not to tell me otherwise i’ll beat him. Oh as for the beatings my husband and I gave him. My ex also beat him and we were cautioned after we finally took him to the police station because he couldn’t breathe. I wanted to kill hjim but for my husband telling me to go to jail won’t help our B who was still at the hospital. he got jailed but Abena, I’m motherless. My daughter committed suicide at age 13.



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