How To Make Money Every 10 To 12 Days With Chy Mall In Ghana And Africa

How To Make Money Every 10 To 12 Days With Chy Mall In Ghana And Africa. More than ever in the lives of humanity, today is the best and easiest time to make money.

This is especially true because the Internet has made trade and other businesses less stressful and more interesting and easy.

One fine thing about our world today is that the internet has made life very simple for us in many ways. Chy Mall, previously known as Chy mall is an example of one of those simplicities that come with life today.

Though making money online has become very easy and simple today, it is only possible If you choose the right opportunities and programs to work with.

So many people have had to do some strange things to make money online. Unluckily for them though, they end up working for nothing.

There have been several money-making schemes introduced to us.  From Superlife to Max international, through to Qnet and Touchlife among others.

While many think most of these could be the best bet for making money online, today, we dare to introduce you to the best money-making business which does not require referrals or anything of that sort.

Without wasting much time, let’s dive straight into what this whole business is about and how you can make money every 10 to 12 days.

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Chy mall which was formerly known as Chy Mall, just like Jumia and the others, provides room for people from all over the world to sell and buy goods via their E-commerce platform.

More so, Chy mall has a unique business model which makes it possible for individuals to make unlimited amounts of money daily from their business.

The richest man in China today is Jack-Ma. He also created his wealth from the e-commerce industry just as Chy Mall in Ghana and Africa is creating the avenue for you.

Want to know more? Don’t stop reading yet… There’s more information ahead.

Let’s check out how the business model works.

So, there are five compensation plans for this company. I shall give you details of the five plans later.

After selecting a plan of your choice and paying your registration fee which is usually some small amount of money depending on your preferred package, you get to purchase some items from a list to the tune of a pre-determined amount linked with your preferred package.

You purchase the items at a wholesale price and then Chy mall gets to keep the item in their online shop for you. Note, you have the option to either receive your items and use them or keep them in their online shop to earn a profit. Chy Mall in Ghana and Africa is here to make you gain some side cash on a recurring basis.

How To Make Money Every 10 To 12 Days With Chy Mall In Ghana And Africa

Rather shockingly, Chy mall does the rest of the work for you from here. They resell your products in a virtual online shop (your user account). And this time, they sell it at a retail price.

You are then paid the profit on the sales after every ten or twelve days of trade and at the end of the month as well.

With an increasing number of people always on the site to buy, you’re assured of making your money every 10 days.

What’s more, they also give you additional free products at the end of the term of the resell.

So, it’s more like you’re giving Chy Mall the capital to produce health products and then they resell on their platform and every time they sell products produced with your investment, they pay you a part of the profit. This means, for as long as you decide to keep your products in the store, you get to make money and that is for as long as the company exists as well. And yea, the company would be here for the next 100 years and more!

Watch the info-graphics below to see the various packages and how they work:

Accra Office

More Facts About Chy Mall

Chy Mall is not a network marketing business primarily. Chy mall is just an e-commerce platform such as Kiku, Tonaton, Jumia, Alibaba and the rest which deals in both wholesale and retail at the same time.

The Network marketing model of Chy Mall is just a strategy to expand the business and reach millions of new customers. It does not in any way mean that Chy Mall is a Network Marketing company.

Again, you can make money from Chy Mall without having to worry about referring your friends. Once you have an account and you have products in your online shop, you are bound to make money with Chy Mall if you choose to.


VIP 1 Total Pack cost = $25 (¢137.5)
Take home profit
Products are phone stickers only

VIP 2 Total Pack cost: $140 (¢770)
Every 10 days = $7..(¢38.5).
Every Month =  $21..(¢115.5)..
Plus product:…$150.. (¢825)
Products are Beauty spray, Ring and Bellybutton.

VIP 3 Total Pack cost: $280 (¢1,540)
Every 10 days = $14 (¢77)
Every Month  = $42.(¢231)
Plus product:..$300..(¢1,650)
Products are eyes glasses, Fuel saver and compression mask

VIP 4 Total Pack cost: $840 (¢4,620)
Every 10 days = $42 (¢231)
Every Month  = $127 (¢698.5)
Plus product:..$900..(¢4,950)
Products are pendant and chip

VIP 5 Total Pack cost: $1680 (¢9,240)
Every 10 days = $84 (¢462)
Every Month  = $252 (¢1,386)
Plus product:..$1800..(¢9,900)
Products are Facemask, Foot Massager, Quantum Watch

How To Make Money On Chy Mall

There are many ways of making money from Chy Mall in Ghana and Africa. Check them out below:

  • . Store profit
  • Direct sharing profit
  • Chain store profit
  • Service Profit
  • Chain service profit
  • Traditional EC profit

The Store Profit is the income that all Chy associates enjoy every ten days so long as they have some products in their online shop that is being retailed by Chy on their behalf. So once you have a package with Chy, you are eligible to enjoy this money.

Direct Sharing Profit

With the Direct Sharing Profit, whenever you introduce someone, there is a volume of money generated in your account. This volume depends on the package the person subscribes to and the number of people you have recruited.

So, for instance, when you recruit one VIP3 person, you are entitled to 20% of the amount the person signs up with. So you will get 16$ which is equivalent to 88 Cedis.

Same way, if you recruit 5 of those VIP3 members, you will make 88 cedis times five which is 440 Cedis.

That is how the Direct Sharing Profit is made and the amount earned is paid daily.

So whatever you earn today, you get it tomorrow.

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All You Need To Know About Chy Mall Ghana And How To Make Money With It Easily

Chain Sharing Profit

For the Chain Sharing Profit, it makes use of the first and second generation downlines. You get 3% of your first generation downline’s total product earnings and 2% of your second generation’s total product earnings

So, if you enrol 20 people who are all making 100 dollars on their take-home products using the VIP 3 account, you are entitled to 3$ per person.

So for those 20 first generations, you are making 60$ as your Chain Sharing Profit.

Now, if those 20 people also recruited 2 people each under the same VIP3, it means you have 40 people under your second generation. So you will make 2 $ per person there. Making a total of 80$.

Service Profit

In Chy Mall, there are two legs for referrals. So we have the left and right legs. Like a binary family tree. So when you recruit someone, the person goes to either the left or right leg. And when you recruit the next person, they have to join the other leg.

However, in this business, you are paid a 12% profit on every sign up on your weaker leg. So if there is one particular leg where your first generation is not able to get second generations, you are entitled to 12% of any direct first-generation recruitments you make on that leg.

For the strong leg, there is no such profit for it.

Chain Service profit

With the Chy Chain Service profit, you are entitled to 50 per cent of all your first generation’s service profit and 20% of all your second generation’s service profit.

So if your first generation recruit about 50 people in total on their weaker legs, and they make 5$ per person from each of those 50 recruits, it means they are making a cumulative sum of 250$ as their service profit.

So you are entitled to 50% of that amount which is 125$ as your chain Service Profit.

Same way, if your second-generation makes the same amount or less, you get 20% of what they make together.

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Traditional EC Profit

Chy Mall has a traditional wares store on its portal where individuals can purchase their traditional items such as TV, Fridge, Decoder, Air Conditioners and others. These products are not from Chy itself. They are products from other manufacturers who have been introduced to sell their products globally through Chy.

So as an Associate of Chy, you can invite a company to sell their products on the platform. You don’t have to worry about the number of companies because you can invite as many companies as possible.

When the companies you have invited make sales, you are entitled to 1% of their total sales. So if the company makes sales of 1Million Dollars in a month, you are entitled to 10,000 Dollars as your Traditional EC profit and that is worth almost 60,000 Cedis in Ghana.

Truthfully, this business would soon grow big across the globe and Africa in particular. I have a friend who borrowed 19,000 cedis to invest in this. He currently makes at least 2,300 cedis every month from this company and so far he has been there for 6 months. This means he has already made his capital and whatever money he’d be making within the next months would be his profit. Mind you, he also got products which he sold and also used some. Plus, this earnings keep coming until you decide to stop reselling on the platform!

Which other business is better than this? A 9 to 5 Job? Or a buy and sell business? Just think about it. With as low as 770 cedis, you can start making monthly income for a very long time.

So, what are you waiting for before you join Chy Mall in Ghana and Africa? Call or WhatsApp 0240468001 for more information on this and how you can be trained to make good money out of this opportunity.

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