I had lost everything – Obrafuor narrates compelling story behind ‘Pae Mu Ka’ album

Hiplife artiste Obrafuor has revealed that his experiences in life which include the good and bad days led him to produce the ‘Pae Mu Ka’ album.

He said in the days leading to the production of the album, which doubles as one of the greatest in the Hiplife fraternity, he had not only lost his mother but lost hope that things would get better.

“I was in a stage of my life where I was experiencing a lot of difficulties and I had lost all hope. I decided to leave home because I lost my mother who meant everything to me.

“It was during this time I met a friend of mine called Quincy, who inspired everything I am today,” he narrated on Adom Fm’s Work and Happiness show.

According to him, Quincy was like a god at Taifa, the community where he lived.

“Quincy was so good at rapping that he received lots of gifts wherever he performed,” he disclosed.

Obrafuor wanted to be like Quincy because he thought he could survive with rap as times were hard for him.

“I went to him one day so he could teach me how to rap, which he agreed to do but at a cost. There was no way I could afford the money because I had moved out of home after my mother’s death and making a living was very difficult.”

“It was after that encounter that I sat down to personally write my own song. I kept pushing until a friend of mine took me to Hammer of the Last Two Records and a good friend of mine funded the recording of the album,” he narrated.

The ‘Pae Mu Ka’ album, which was released in 1999, has been adjudged by many as one of the the greatest hiplife album in the country.

Source: Myjoyonline.com

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