“If I Ever Had An Enemy, You Would Have Been Dead By Now” – Shatta To Michy

Shatta wale and michy

Shatta Wale and his Baby Mama are now like Tom and Jerry as they punch each other in their posts on social media.

Well in a recent post of Shatta referring to Michy that if he had enemies, Michy would have been dead a long time ago.

As Shatta expressed his disappointment in Michy as she celebrated her birthday in a club on Joy FM, Michy took to her media handle and described Shatta as an enemy of progress who wanted to spoil her celebration.

And in the ‘Gringo’ hitmaker’s response to that, he posted that if he has truly had an enemy she (Michy) would have been dead a long time ago.

Check out his post below;

"If I ever had an enemy, like you will be dead long time" - Shatta Wale tells Michy