My song is “I want to sue you my father” – King Ayisoba

One of the country’s greatest music exports, King Ayisoba finally corrects Ghanaians for singing his song as “i want to see you my father” instead of “I want to sue you my father”.

The veteran musician’s song which made him so popular had been sung wrong for the past 13 years.

The song which was release in 2006 had one of the amazing lyrics and storytelling lines which depicts womanising and neglect of responsibilities by men.

In an interview on Neat FM, King Ayisoba made it clear that, the lyrics to his song is not “I want to see you my father” but rather “I want to sue you my father.

The song which had been on lips of 90% of his kind of music lovers was sang wrong all along.

Here is a video to the interview. Watch and listen for yourself.

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