Names & photos of Ghanaian ‘Big Girls’ who goes to Dubai to eat human excreta & get paid released by Notorious Snapchat Blogger

Social media is still on fire with names and photos of ladies currently indulging in ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ (eating the sh*t of old and rich Dubai men for money) released by Notorious and unstoppable Snapchat Blogger, FatP**055.

According to FatP**055, the said ladies were flown to Dubai on expensive tickets and spent 3 moths in luxurious hotels only to have sex with dogs, Camels,  and even had salmons inserted into their ‘Tototo’.

He also alleged that the said ladies were fed on human excreta for all their stay there and kept were away from social media.

The girls however return back to Ghana and claim bossy, ride in expensive cars and buy from all 5-Star shops and restaurants as if they are the owners of Menzgold or Nestle Ghana.

Check their photos Below:

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