Old Men In East Legon Use Fella Makafui As Chewing Stick – Strongman

Strongman released ‘Immortal’ just like he promised last night on Twitter and it appears the Medikal-Strongman beef is becoming too personal. Both rappers have been attacking each other’s girlfriend with Medikal starting the trend.

In Strongman’s second diss song, ‘Immortal’, he spit fire when he alleged that rich old men at East Legon have been using Fella Makafui, the girlfriend of Medikal as their chewing stick.

He also sent a strong warning to Medikal never to compare Fella Makafui to his girlfriend, Nana Ama Stronh because she isn’t better than her. In the diss song, the rapper also quizzed why a sensible human will breakup with someone like Sister Debby, Medikal’s ex girlfriend and go for Fella Makafui.

If you haven’t listened to ‘Immortal’, then you can listen to it below.

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