Opinion: Is The Ghanaian Dancer Meant To Appear Only In Music Videos?

The global dance industry has grown beyond limits and has become a self-sustained industry since the realization by many prominent individuals such as Ali Ramdani (Lilou), Paul Mitchell and Bboy Dyzee among others.

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Dance as an art form is not meant to be a supplement to another art form; they may be compliments of each other but not totally dependent as seen in the Ghanaian dance industry today.

So many dancers I see now are being restricted to focus on only music videos which in the long run undermines talents as well as the industry and provides unsustainable incomes.

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The Ghanaian Dance industry is still solely dependent on musical artists for jobs, who most often fail to recognize the magical effects of dancers’ contributions.

Dancers in other parts of the world are independent of music artists. Our Dancers are yet to explore the dance world itself and what it entails.

Only a handful of individuals in the country are presently working to stand out independent of music artist.

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They include the likes of Robert Mensah Klah(Founder CA~IM), Vivian Boateng(Founder Vivies Dance factory), Jeremiah Atcheah Obadiah (Palm Dance Company), Julius Debrah(Founder Socharart Ensemble), Elvis kwami Akpalo(Founder Elqua Grafixs), Moses Frimprong (Founder FMG) and a few others. The Ghanaian Dancers need to start industry on an independent full-scale level. Know your Craft, own your craft and place value on it.

Source: By Nana Tuffour Okai (Bboy Lyricx)

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