Following the recent expose by BBC.com of the #Sexforgrade phenomenon, one would have thought it’s over but current happenings on popular Facebook group ‘Tell it all’ says something different.

A lady named Naah Gifty has accused a young man called Kweku Genelord for trying to have sex with her before helping.

According to the lady, The said man said many other ladies inboxed him for help but he chose Her (Gifty) because she is special. Though the details of their conversation hasn’t been made available to us, the post by the lady as seen below explains clearly how things went in their inbox.

“Admin please approve
I never wanted to post this but I was advising him and he blocked me, to the guys please when you get the opportunity to help someone, may be a lady, please do it from ur heart but never expect something in return from her, you don’t know where you might also need help
Kweku Genelord, do u think when u said u will buy me phone and help me buy the things I needed for school norr then I open my legs for u… Actually not all of us are cheap, you are rather cheap ok.. Telling me a lot of ladies from the group are messaging you to help them financially but you chose me doesn’t mean I will open my legs for u ok….. Grow up man cos these things won’t take u anywhere… To those helping genuinely May God bless you abundantly”

She wrote.

Earlier in the week, the administrators of the popular Facebook group asked members who need help to express their problems so prospective helpers can settle those issues for them.

As a result of this, there have been several buzz on Facebook about the group and how helpful it has become.

However, with current happenings, it looks like some unscrupulous men are taking advantage of women in this group.

See the photos below:

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