Some big artistes used to kneel down for misbehaving in my studio – Hammer

Sound engineer and music producer, Hammer, has disclosed that some of the biggest acts he has nurtured used to kneel in his studios when they misbehave.

According to him the environment in his studio was more like a boot camp because he was not ready to tolerate indiscipline.

“It was a boot camp on the studio premises. you can come to the studios to see artistes kneel down in the studios with their hands up for fighting,” he said in an interview with George Quaye on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM.

He explained that training was to psych them up for success.

He said it was important to discipline the artistes to become responsible and well-behaved.

Hammer, born Edward Nana Poku Osei, said the strict training made ‘his boys’ tough to withstand anything that came their way in the industry.

“When my boys get somewhere they feel invincible. What can you do? The way I have drilled them there is nothing that you can do that they haven’t faced,” he added,

The sound engineer first known for his work on Obrafour’s Pae Mu Ka said he has not recruited female artistes because the environment was not suitable for them.

He explained they could not endure some of the training he gave the boys.

Some of the artistes Hammer has worked with include hiplife legend Obrafour, Sarkodie, Kwaw Kese, Tinny and Edem.

Hammer, however, refused to divulge information on which of his artistes had knelt down.Source:

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