The Shatta Wale Saga: A Powerful PR Tactics Gone Right?

(An Opinion Post)

I have never been a fan of the ‘My Level’ crooner but I’ve come to enjoy a handful of his numerous songs.

One thing remains clear to me. If Shatta Wale ever decides to become a rapper, one of his favourite lines would be ‘Controversy and I are friends. We click’. (props to M.anifest)

Charles Nii Armah Mensah(Shatta Wale)’s brand has largely been built on controversies, with it being evident through his several public displays.

But to what extent would the Hossana hit-maker go to prove his worth and garner attention for his new projects?

Over the past week, the top trending issue in the Entertainment industry has been the arrest and remand of Shatta Wale and two others.

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The arrests have been linked with the spread of fake news – particularly the said shooting of the musician.

Since the outbreak of this issue, I have followed keenly to connect the dots. Perhaps, I’ve chanced on a narrative that best describes this brouhaha.

But come to think of it: how possible is it for a smart guy like Shatta Wale to risk going to jail for no rational reason?

Honestly, even though I agree that this man is capable of many things, he’ll never risk going to jail except it’s bringing some extra cash into his accounts.

My Logical Take On The Shatta Wale Saga

Okay. So here is my take:

Shatta Wale becomes aware of the prophet’s prophecy, talks to his legal team about it and they tell him the highest jail term he can get for faking his assassination.

He realizes that it’s something he can handle if worse comes to worst. So he decides to embark on this dangerous mission, just a day after his birthday.

He tries to get Public sympathy by starting a campaign against fake prophets.

His post after his arrest

He gets arrested and remanded. On the day of his final court hearing, when everyone is focused on the court’s ruling, his management team releases the album and it spreads fast like wildfire.

He tops charts, his sentence comes in and pushes his album all over the world. At the end of the day, we sympathize with him while he makes bank with all the streams and purchases.

Definitely not too far from what Shatta Wale can do?

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While I’m not in tandem with this man’s weird ways of seeking public support and attention, this could just be a sane explanation for what has transpired so far.

Just another Shatta Wale stunt…But who cares?
When a dog chews her regurgitated material, you cannot go around asking what’s wrong with it… Except, of course, you have no idea how dogs are!

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