Video:Emmanuel Navarette Stops Dogboe Again In A Very Tensed Fight

Mexican Boxer, Emanuel Navarrete (27-1, 23 KOs) successfully defended his WBO super bantamweight title this dawn after putting a 12-round beating on Isaac Dogboe (20-2, 14 KOs) until his trainer finally threw in the towel in the 12th round, with an official stoppage time of 2:02.


This rematch played out almost exactly like the first, with Navarrete landing long straight shots and solid hooks on the shorter Dogboe, who struggled to maintain a range where he could effectively mount his own offense. That’s not to say that Dogboe didn’t try — boy did he try! — but that didn’t stop him from taking an uncomfortable number of clean jabs and power punches that had him wobbling all over the ring for nearly the whole fight.


Navarrete visibly hurt Dogboe as early as the second round, then again in the third and fourth rounds, by the end of which Dogboe was looking more like a rag doll. His face was getting busted up, he had nothing different to offer to turn things around, but still threw punches even though he was getting the worst of it.

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By the ninth round, Dogboe was seen to be receiving too many blows that were hurting and hindering his defence.


By this time, the contest of the fight had already been decided and Dogboe was just taking unnecessary punishment that he may never be able to fully recover from. It seemed like a complete abdication of responsibility, but the fight wore on anyway.

By the 12th round Dogboe was clearly in bad shape and Navarette actually clipped Dogboe with a hard shot that may have broken his hand. But right at that point Dogboe’s trainer finally threw in the towel, which was long, long overdue.

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Statement made. Navarrete seemingly hurts his right hand, knocks down Dogboe and Dogboe’s corner throws in the towel. #NavarreteDogboe22213:07 AM – May 12, 2019129 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

Final CompuBox numbers had Naverrete landing 314 of 884 total punches (35.5%) while Dogboe landed 121 of 523 total punches (23.1%).