Volta Rap Beef: Lyrics Of Keeny Ice ‘Lessons’ To Agbeshie

If you have not heard of the Volta rap beef between Keeny Ice and Agbeshie, here's Keeny's lyrics to his new track named Lessons.
Keeny Ice lessons lyrics

If you have not heard of the Volta rap beef between Keeny Ice and Agbeshie, here’s Keeny’s lyrics to his new track named Lessons.

You don’t know me?
I’m the original don dada
Come… come out…
I murder the people dem from afar
I murder them bomboklat dem all
Kenny Ice
Let’s do it

I swear to God say you go fit run mad
Searching through your mind for the last time you’ve seen a rapper this sick.
You better believe me say you go fit catch a stroke when trynna recapture the last time they ever killed a rapper this quick.
Your punches find it hard to reach me like they’re coming from an amputee.
This verse go leave you in depression like a deportee.
I murdered you since Barcode, your lines no Dey cut throat.
Now it’s time to deepthroat on these bars and get choked.

Agbeshie – 2face (Keeny Ice Diss)

Why the heck will I wanna be you when I’m way better?
Cleanup the garbage cox your fans really deserve better.
Try and throway all those nursery rhymes you can do better.
Tighten up your flow and you can call me if you need spanner.
Charley, Cox you then rap you no Dey click kuraa
Be like Afro comb and sakora, E no make sense kuraaa.
The pig business you Dey talk no go be bad kuraa
Cox I see say that one rather Dey fit you well kuraa
Last time I had to slow it down it was a fair warning
But this time, my brother casket with your new money
You know you messed up big time and you must pay for it
Now your whole career is on the line, pray for it
One phame advised dema body them no Dey see top
They’ve realized investing in your team was such a big flop

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Point of correction, sheskoli Dey get some cool chop
Cox constant heavy profit alert Dey full his phone top.
Now you wish you got a team like mine
How you wish you got some verses they steal like mine
And I know you wish your thing Dey bee like mine
And you wish you got some talent and it’s still like mine
Better thank your stars I’m merciful I’ve chosen not to kill you yet
What you need now be some quick lectures
and it’s evident.
Though you’re going to learn this the hard way, it still go go some long way to help you so show some etiquette.
Rap Vordi nya menye, de me vordi nutor
Tade ne rapper ade va duk) nam yak)
Memi ge Abe Yona Ene
Edzi me ga blewo ke gbe Adeke gbe nabe y’aga kedi Kplim o
Ema yea, ne me vex ko Keke ey)me ke.

Neme fua ke nafu
Let’s go!

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