White man begs and shed tears after been scammed on social media

These days the rate at which young people have chosen scamming as a way of becoming rich early is on the high since they sometimes blame the system for not providing them jobs hence they have taken up scamming as a way to survive.

Recently there has been news on several white people who have been defrauded by these scammers coming out and recording videos to beg their scammers to send them back their monies and even news on one lady flying down to Ghana to arrest one of the people who scammed her online.

A new video has surfaced on social media sees another old white man begging and crying to the people who scammed him to return his money because his mother has even stopped talking to him because of the money.

He is heard in the video saying:

“Are you going to send me back my money?…Please, I’m begging you, send me back my money. I don’t even have money like this. My mum wouldn’t even talk to me because of you. Please give me back my money. Please, I’m begging you.”

Watch video below:

Some people are of the view that its just payback time after what they did to Africans during the colonial period. What do you think?

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