Church Is A Scam That’s Why Kofi Kinaata ‘Things Fall Apart’ Makes Sense

Kofi Kinaata is receiving plaudits for his new jam, Things Fall Apart which exposes and highlights the ills of modern churches and the unorthodox attitudes of pastors and members collectively.

Ghanaian fashionista, Rafarrazi has also expressed his delight of the song whiles throwing shades at the leader and founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Dr Mensa-Otabil and other pastors for exploiting church members.


Rafarazzi made a lengthy post on social media to share his two cents about the scam being perpetuated in church which does not in any way corroborate what the Bible says.

“I can confidently tell that Mensa Otabil and co. inspired Kofi Kinaata’s things fall apart song.
Kofi Kinaata’s new song talks mostly about hypocrisy in the church. there’s no love in the church.
How modern day pastors ignore the truth, the poor Christian not able to afford to attend church , the church owning schools but members can’t afford to attend.
At least the church should have a special discount for its members since the school is built with church proceeds. You invest the offertory/tithe of the poor Christian in a business and come sell back to them at a high cost.
They commercialize everything from the almighty anointing oil, ‘holy water’ they didn’t create, wristbands, t-shirts , Pass for Church health walk, Consultancy, etc. I’m not saying all these should be entirely free because I know money’s spent in making or putting these together but the church have funds that can support some of these things.
Tithes, Sunday and midweek and thanksgiving offertories help subsidize cost to make it affordable the Church as a whole not just some fraction.
The practice of giving special attention/seat and ‘blessings’ to the rich must stop in the church. I thought they said we are all His children.
How did riches qualify someone to be a special child? 
Don’t you think Head Pastors owning or becoming CEO to businesses should be discouraged? Some now even have major shares in banks.
They suspend Church members for alleged malpractice but go out aiming to win souls. Mr. preacher man you need to start from within the Church.
Nothing annoys me like when you try talk about it, they say ‘touch not his annointed’ as if we are the cursed. Smh
Things Fall apart goes on to say that ‘If God is not considerate on Judgement Day he may not get a soul to heaven.
God have mercy on us all!”

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