Creativity at its best: Genius woman turns trash to treasure by upcycling tyres into furniture

Olabanke Banjo upcycles waste materials transforming them into beautiful products.

The Nigerian woman is an incredible example of Africa’s innovation and creativity and is making great strides as an entrepreneur and the CEO of the furniture manufacturer, Cyrus45factory.
Cyrus45 uses old tyres to make lovely furniture for homes and offices.

Olabanke’s products are not only a great way to help clean up the environment and reduce carbon emissions, but are also elegantly designed and chic. Her unique designs feature a stunning African flavour and modern touch which make her work unique.

Reducing pollution from burning tyres and manufacturing new products is important to Olabanke, who quit her job to pursue her passion of recycling waste materials.

Olabanke’s story is an inspiration for other woman in her community who are motivated to pursue their interests in industries that are conventionally male-dominated, such as welding or carpentry.
She is not just a designer, but takes a very hands-on approach in making the furniture.

Olabanke can easily source her materials from the side of the road and drivers who need to replace worn tyres on their vehicles. She can easily get tyres form landfill sites and vulcanisers.

Upcyling waste materials into new beautiful products is not only a great way to make trendy furniture and designs. Upcycled products, from furniture to art and even jewelry, is an important industry which contributes significantly to climate action and the informal economy.

Vocations such as waste picking and recycling plastic and tyres helps provide a source of income for unemployed people who can sell they waste material they collect to creative entrepreneurs, such as Olabanke, to transform into useful and gorgeous products.

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