Fella Makafui says Medikal would still love her if she loses both legs

Fella Makafui says the love she shares with Medikal is so strong that he would be with her even if she loses both legs. YOLO star Fella Makafui has said that even if it happens that she loses both legs, her boyfriend Medikal would stick with her. She was responding to a question from a listener who wanted to know the level of love Medikal and Fella have for each other. The listener asked: “Fella, if you should wake up tomorrow morning and realize that you have lost both legs, is Medikal still going to love you?” Fella then answered: “Yes, I know my baby Medikal would still be with me because he loves me so much. He will stay with me and take care of me because he knows I will do same for him.” The actress was speaking in an interview monitored by YEN.com.gh on Hitz FM on Monday, June 10, 2019. She professed deep love for Medikal and said he can never leave her, also giving her reasons.

While on the interview, Fella further revealed that she got pregnant and delivered for a job, but which was not for Medikal. She also addressed earlier claims by her ‘in-law’, Medikal’s mother, that they did not speak for 3 months. Fella begged Medikal’s mother, while stating her reason for not communicating with her for that period. The actress also disclosed that she had never met Deborah Vanessa before, explaining why Medikal saved her name as carpenter when he was dating Deborah.

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