We at tieghanaonline.com are still working out hard to find out why every girl seems to be in shock any time her man finally opens up marriage proposal to her. For goodness sake, this is someone you have been dating for years and if you weren’t expecting him to take you to the alter one day, then what could be your reason for sticking to him all that while???

For the past years, different girls have reacted to marriage proposals from their men in different ways, some has been seen sharing tears of joy, others scream and jump to the sky but this guy certainly didn’t expect her girlfriend to collapse.

It all started as a Birthday Surprise visit, till her boyfriend proposed. Then she fainted out of excitement.

Agreeably, marriage is a beautiful thing but it’s probably not the solution to a girl’s problems and that’s why a girl shouldn’t feel super excited because of a mere marriage proposal.

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