How to cancel Emirates Flight (2023)

1.      Introduction

Emirates Airline remains one of the most popular and massively patronized airline service providers globally.  In the past decade, Emirates has solidified its brand reputation through sponsorship deals with popular football clubs like AC Milan, Paris Saint Germain, Arsenal FC, Olympique Lyonnais, Benfica and Real Madrid as well as prestigious sporting tournaments like the English FA Cup, US Open, Australian Open and the Dubai Rugby Sevens. Currently, Emirates Airline in a number of destinations spread across Asia, Pacific, the Americas, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

The Ghana section of Emirate Airline began its operations in the country in the month of January 2004. Since the commencement of operations, it has flown more than a million passengers on daily flights and round trips from Accra to Dubai and other destinations like the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The airline’s operating policy has allowed passengers to make changes to and cancel Emirates flight bookings after reservation. This article discusses how to cancel Emirates flight.  This information applies for flight reservations made from within and outside Ghana.

Before delving into the matter at hand, it is pertinent to discuss Emirates Airline’s cancellation policy.

2.     Emirates Airline’s Cancellation Policy: Important Terms and Conditions

         Having knowledge of the company’s cancellation policy is an obligatory first step for any individual looking to cancel Emirates flight booking. This is because this policy regulates the process of canceling flight reservations in terms of when and how. The terms and conditions of the company’s cancellation policy specify that:

– A full refund feature applies to passengers who cancel Emirates flight bookings within twenty-four hours of reservation. Such a reservation must have been made at least seven days before the flight’s departure date.

-Passengers who cancel Emirates flight bookings must have a valid Travel Credit Facility with Emirates Airline. In essence, this facility is designed to afford passengers the ability to effect changes to flight reservations comfortably. In addition, it gives passengers an opportunity to reuse the refund for future flights.           

-The company’s refund policy is invalidated in the event that passengers cancel Emirates flight reservations within two hours of the flight’s departure.

3.     How to cancel Emirates Flight

Passengers who desire to cancel Emirate flight reservations can do so by following the subsequent steps:

First step:    Log on to the Emirates Airline’s official website   

Second step: Log in to Emirates Airline account. Passengers who are yet to register for an account with the Emirates Airline can do so here.

Third Step:  Upon successful log in, select ‘My Bookings’ in the subsequent window.

Fourth Step: Select the flight due for cancellation from the list of flights displayed in the midsection of the page.

Fifth Step:   Click on the ‘Proceed’ button.

Sixth Place:  Select the ‘Cancel Booking’ button.

Usually, one must also complete a personal review of the cancellation request before proceeding for a refund. Passengers who cancel Emirates flight bookings are eligible for refunds as long as the action is done in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed by the company’s cancellation policy.

Emirates Airline has a “Manage your booking” feature passengers can use to cancel their flight reservations.

This feature is available online at its official website.  Passengers using this feature simply need to fill in their last name and booking reference (a six-character code made of letters and numbers found on the flight ticket) to retrieve their booking.  Passengers can then proceed to fill a refund form thereafter. By design, the refund form contains sections for booking reference, date of departure, departure and arrival destinations, personal details, refund request type, payment details, and ticket details.   

Passengers may also use the following channels for canceling their flight reservations:

i.      A travel agent or agency. This applies in cases where the flight reservations were made using the services of a travel agent or agency.

ii.     The Emirates Airline’s contact centers, for reservations made directly with the airline. In the case of Ghana, passengers may contact Emirates Airline’s Ticket Office in Accra located at the seventh floor of the Emporium building, where the Mavenpick Ambassador Hotel is located, between 0845 hours (08:45 AM) and 1630  hours (4:30 PM) from Monday to Saturday, with the exception of public holidays. Passengers may also make use of the centre’s designated email address and hotline.

4.     What do I need to cancel Emirate flight reservations?

 Passengers who wish to cancel Emirate flight reservations/bookings need to have a registered Emirates Airline account. A registered Emirates Airline account allows individual passengers to perform a variety of tasks. With a registered account, passengers can manage their bookings/reservations and check their flight itinerary. Furthermore, passengers can also make their seat preferences, update contact details, download boarding passes, buy excess baggage allowance and enjoy the company’s collection of loyalty rewards programs and schemes. To sign up for a registered account with Emirates Airline, individuals are typically required to input the following basic information in the registration portal:

–          Forename and surname – Contact information (e-mail and mobile number) – Birth date – Country of residence

5.     Will I be charged a fee for cancelling an Emirate flight reservation?

         In certain cases, the airline operator may charge passengers who cancel Emirate flight reservations some fees. These charges may apply when the cancellation is not in line with the terms and conditions specified in the company’s cancellation policy. Certain cancellations may also result in the forfeiture of a right to refund. Flight cancellations arising from COVID-19 restrictions are usually excused from penalty provisions and charges. In that case, the passenger is typically allowed to retain ownership of the flight ticket for subsequent use.  Flight tickets are valid for up to 36 months.

6.     Emirates Airline Cancellation Fee Waiver

In some cases, passengers who apply to cancel Emirates Flight reservations can also apply for a cancellation fee waiver. According to the airline, this waiver is applicable for refunds made in the event of the death of a passenger or close relative. As this waiver is not granted automatically, eligible passengers submit a completed application form along with relevant supporting documents to have cancellation fees waived. 

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