‘I didn’t say am the best rapper & saved Ghana’s rap game, I only said my presence heated up the game’ – Medikal

Medikal has made a U-turn from his initial tweet that brought about a heated rap diss between himself and Strongman Burner.

In a  recent interview he granted, Medikal refuted claims that he made comments saying he is the best rapper in Ghana.


He also disclosed that he never said he saved Ghana’s rap game from dying 4 years ago.

The AMG Business signee in the interview said he only stated that Ghana’s rap game was down till he popped up and heated it up.

MDK despite being a good and highly intelligent rapper has started a bragging attitude which has made him become an enemy to many music lovers who are of the view that he should allow the masses praise him and not himself.

He lost his beef with Strongman which also served as a big blow to him.

Watch Video Below:


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