I have started teaching Fantana how to prepare food – Wendy Shay


RuffTown music signee Wendy Shay has now become a chef and has started teaching her fellow labelmate Fantana how to cook.

Wendy Shay Chopped By Bullet
Bullet Chop Wendy Shay and fantana

Newly-signed RuffTown signee Fantana in her first interview revealed that even though she knows it the duty of a woman to know how to cook, she doesn’t know how to do that and any man who wants to start a relationship with her must look forward to eating outside.

After her interview, several people jumped unto social media to bash her for failing to know how to cook.

Wendy Shay who felt said for her labelmate has revealed that she has started teaching the newest music sensation how to cook in an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM.

According to Wendy Shay, Fantana has expressed interest in learning how to cook and therefore she has started teaching her how to cook some basic foods such as stew, fried yam etc.

“I have started teaching her. We started with stew, fried egg, fried yam, and probably indomie. Yh, she is doing well. And she really wants to learn.” she said.

Watch the interview below

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