‘I Was Joking’ – Medikal on saving Ghanaian rap music

EASY EASY!! AMG Business signee, Samuel Adu Frimpong popularly known as Medikal has finally disclaimed facts that he indeed saved Ghanaian rap music. 

Earlier this week, social and traditional media was buzzy after Medikal took to social media to brag about being the saviour of Ghanaian rap music

In the said tweet, the rapper wrote; “4 years ago I saved Ghanaian Rap music from dying and I promise to keep it alive 

Well, this got the likes of ArchipalagoStrongman and other entertainment pundits talking on social media and in interviews about the AMG signee’s braggadocios statement. 

Revealing the real truth today, the “Omo Ada” hit maker has revealed he was just joking about it. 

In a  #4YearsChallenge currently ongoing between the rapper and his fans on Twitter, a fan stated that Medikal’s four years achievement has been saving rap music in Ghana from dying.


To the surprise of many, he replied, “All be alo. lol“, to wit, “All were jokes. laughing out loud”. 


Could this mean the rapper said all that just for hype? Well, yes, we all knew he didn’t save sh*t. lol