If we neglect our culture, Ghana will be recolonised by 2050 – David Dontoh

Ghanaian actor David Dontoh has predicted that Ghana could be recolonised in 2050 if Ghanaians do not pay attention to their culture.

Speaking to AJ Sarpong on Citi TV’s Hall of Fame, David Dontoh said the nation’s cultural values have eroded and that if measures are not put in place, Ghanaians may lose the core fibre of its culture.

“If we do not take care, by 2050 this country could be recolonised. The way we are going, if we do not change the direction we’re going as to what to do with our culture, with our language, with our everything, 20, 25 to 30 years to come this country would be recolonized,” he said.

“Because we love not for Ghanaian culture, we live not for Ghanaian ethics, we live not with Ghanaian norms, we live not for anything Ghanaian but we call ourselves Ghanaians,” he added.

Not enthused by the propensity of an average Ghanaian to be influenced by foreign culture, he projected that the Year of Return celebration could worsen the situation.

“Now that because of Year of Return, African Americans are coming and a lot of them are coming to settle and a lot of things like that it’s even going to get worse because we have been trained to easily fall for anything foreign and that’s where the danger lies,” he stated.

He said that change in the taste of our music, food, clothes and practically everything is the reason the economy is suffering.

The ‘Deadly Voyage’ actor added that Ghana would continue to wallow in its current undesirable state of affairs for a very long time if this narrative does not change.

“There are a lot of Ghanaian young men and women today who have Ghanaian names, claim they’re Ghanaians don’t know anything about a Ghana. Cannot even speak the language and that is dangerous. Very dangerous,” he remonstrated.

David Dontoh, however, intimated that the situation could be saved if critical steps are taken towards prioritising the Ghanaian culture over the others.

Source: citinewsroom.com

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