I’ll legalize same sex marriage and marijuana if i become the president– Showboy

2Hype Gang leader Showboy after declaring his intention to become Ghana’s president in some ten to twenty years time has started dropping some promises off his manifesto.

Showboy in his first campaign manifesto has promised to legalize same-sex marriage and also the use of Marijuana.

According to him, before he becomes the president he intends to enter into politics first by becoming a Member of Parliament representing the people of Birim South Municipal .. Akim Oda area in the Eastern Region of Ghana which also happens to be his hometown.

He tweeted: “I will legalize same-sex marriage in GHANA, I will legalize the use of cannabis and weed, and I will make internet n entertainment free !! The whole country will be hot spot n everybody will enjoy free WiFi .free WiFi is equal to free education !! Common sense will be a subject”

He later came back to let the world know that the reason why he intends to legalize same-sex marriage is not that he is a homosexual himself and he never dreams of being one but just that Human beings have choices.

He tweeted: “Ain’t gay, and I will never be gay or homosexual but I don’t see why u have to hate on another human being of his kinda of choice n his way of life !!! If he happy with another man .. let him be .. if u smoking ur weed to get high … high ur self .. nobody gonna judge nobody”




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