It’s Unfortunate That Ghanaians See Every Rich Person As Wise – Edem

In our part of the world, a person is doom or if you like not fit to live when ones pocket is not dapper. Simply put, being poor is difficult living in our part of the world as one isn’t given the needed attention all other things being equal.

Even in our sacred places especially in the church, positions are given to the rich with low IQ at the expense of the poor man with higher intelligentsia. Have you ever seen a poor man being used as a chairman during a church annual harvest before??

Enough of the analogy, rapper Edem perhaps after thinking thoroughly about this error in our part of the world especially Ghana took to the micro blogging platform, Twitter and posted that;




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A critical analysis of Edem’s assertion sees a ‘laughing out loud’ emoticon indicating that such assertion is nonsense and people especially Ghanaians who have such mentality should dump it as soon as possible.

Although we can’t establish what actually pushed Denning Edem Hotor to post that on Twitter but we’ve seen one artist – your guess is as good as mine – in our music industry who keeps messing up irrespective of his deep pocket.

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