Lydia Forson and Wanluv Kubolor secretly dating?

There are wild rumors that our very own outspoken $exy actress, Lydia Forson is in a secret relationship with controversial artists, Wanluv Kubolor.

It is no secret that Lydia Forson and Wanluv Kubolor have become extremely close lately for strange reasons. From openly playing with each other to enjoying great moments together, these two have been seen displaying some sort of affection for each other.

Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

Quite recently, a video surfaced online of Lydia Forson enjoy some great moment with the controversial singer who walks barefooted.


In the video, Wanluv Kubolor was singing to her “Sweetheart” whiles Lydia moves to the romantic gesture.

WanLuv Kubolor
WanLuv Kubolor

Well, the two have deepened the rumors again. Just a few hours ago Lydia Forson made a most about this time being an alasa season. From nowhere the alleged new found love, Kubolor jumped on the post and wrote: “hani pls r u home? I need a samtin”.

Hardly have we finish digesting this bomb comment when Lydia Forson responded: “@wanlov see I know how to catch your eye ? ? I know what you need paaaaaa”.

Lydia's post on IG which sparked the latest rumors
Lydia’s post on IG which sparked the latest rumors

Well, we are are not drawing any conclusions yet. We just wanted you to know something maybe really be cooking between these two controversial personalities.

The keyword still remains, “Maybe” but we are closely observing. For now, it still remains “alleged” until Ghpage.com can boldly put the stamp on it. Stay with Ghpage.com

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