Man refuted hospital bills because his child is too ugly

A man on Facebook has set tongues wagging after he shared a photo of his new-born son with a shocking caption on the social media platform saying the child is too ugly, hence, refuted the payment of the hospital bills.

Apparently, he is disappointed, in pains and grief as he doubts, if he’s the true father of the child his wife just birthed.

According to him, he said the child is too ugly to be his own. And he doesn’t want to accept the result of his wife’s pregnancy. He doubts his wife had an affair outside that brought about this child and he threatened not to settle the bills from the hospital.

In same anger and anguish, he took to socialal media to express his grievances.

Here is his caption nelow.

He captioned the photo; ”How would my wife gave birth everyone but I don’t think this child is mine, he’s too ugly to be mine, she has to tell me where she got this child from because I will not the hospital bills. I am tired”.

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