Nigerians Love Ghanaians Soo Much; But Sarkodie is One Ghanaian Who’s Soo Popular in Nigeria – Yvonne Nelson

It’s no secret that Rapper Sarkodie is extremely popular among his fellow entertainers with respect to popularity in Nigeria. Ask any Nigerian, which Ghanaian Celeb they know, and the person would mention Sarkodie to you over and over again.

Actress Yvonne Nelson has disclosed that Nigerians love Ghanaians soo much and that anytime they go out there for movie shoots and premieres, it’s all pure love.

In an interview with Naa Ashorkor on JOY FM, she said,

“Nigerians love Ghanaians soo much and we also love them same way. Anytime i go out there for premieres or movie shoots, it’s all 100% love, and oo, they love Sarkodie soo much, he’s extremely popular over there in Nigeria.”

Talking about Social Media, she said,

” People get carried away from the likes and views on social media so they go on to show more skin to gain that attention. If it wasn’t for the job I do I wouldn’t be on social media. It is so much work “

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