Opinion: The Coronavirus Pandemic And Matters Arising: Christ Suffers with Us; Don’t Panic


Even as Science kingpins and health think-tanks assiduously work around the clock to find a lasting remedy to our novel pandemic, all are to unite in prayer, adhere to precautionary measures, and keep absolute faith in Christ, who labours at our side in these trying moments. 

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The assurance is this; Christ himself had ever footed this earth, encountering and giving hope to the sick, bedridden, forsaken, quarantined, and suffering. Being fully God and full man, only he knows what our present ordeal is.

Even in Scripture, we hear of ‘God’ going into exile to suffer from people. Since it is of God’s very essence (nature) to remain changeless throughout ever-changing times and seasons, he still stands by us, in our captivity to the woeful virus. 

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He may seem to delay in giving a cure, but hey, what we call ‘Time’, he calls ‘Eternity’! Why George Herbert wrote, “God’s mill grinds slow but sure.” Or, was it not God himself who asked that we shun fear for he is with us (cf. Isaiah 41:10) and that when the time is right he will make it happen? (cf. Isaiah 60:22)

Only he, God, can do what no man has done. Even in biblical situations where ‘sick’ people were quarantined or isolated, Christ would often heal them and go into isolation himself, while the isolated victims come back home rejoicing. He still will! Bless! 

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