Princess Shyngle gets a Brabus G-Wagon as val’s day gift

Ghanaian based Gambian model and actress Princess Shyngle has taken to her social media handle to flaunt her new Brabus G-Wagon car which she claims was a gift her boyfriend got for her on Valentine’s day.


In a video seen on social media, the hour-glass shaped actress was seen happily entering the new car.

I removed 5 ribs and intestines to have my ‘Tapoli’ body – Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle was heard saying “So my man literally got me a motherf*ckin..Is it a Brabus or G-wagon? am so f*ckin excited. This car is mine..This is my car “

Watch the video below:

Now we are tempted to ask who is that boyfriend who got her the car since she has said time without number that she is single. Could it be former Blackstar player Micheal Essien?

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