Sarkodie shares throwback photo of The Last Two music group

Sarkodie has this morning shared photo of ‘The Last Two’ music group. Know faces in the picture are those of Kwaw Kese, Music Producer Da Hammer and Sarkodie himself.

Soon after the photo was shared by Sarkodie, Kwaw Kese started trending on Twitter as he can can be seen rolling ‘something’ which appears like weed.

Kwaw Kese is well known for his use of Marijuana — he was even jailed for the possession of the illegal substance some years back.

This picture proves that Kwaw Kese has been friends with ‘wee’ for quite a long time now.

He pledged when 2019 started that he will never smoke again after 20 years butit appears he’s still doing it. He can’t simply stop.

Source: celebritiesbuzz

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