‘Some of you will die before your time if you ever speak ill about me’- Fella Makafui

Ghanaian Actress, philanthropist and business woman Fella Makafui has gotten angry at some section of the Ghanaian media.

She took to her Instastories to ruin curses on Bloggers and media personalities who publish negative stories about her.

'Some of you will die before your time if you ever speak ill about me'- Fella Makafui

Fella sworn on her life to make things bitter for anybody who will speak ill about her and the craft.

She wrote;

“We no dey hate on person like this..Which level?? Aaahh wassup??I dey owe any o you??How heartless could you be fabricating lies all the damn time!! You people should give me just one week and see what will be happening in your lives..abi you want talk..Wait and see the kind misfortunes wey go happen for your life..i’m always looking for trouble..which level??What paaa i get wey dey cause all this nonsense??See you people go see wat wey go happen for you entire life..Aahhh this is too much..which level??”

“Some of you will die before your time and i swear on this with everything that i have !!! Your life will be miserable and i will pray on you all !!! It shall never be well with you and your generation!! May bad luck follow you till till till..You guys not tired dragging my name??Everyday with its false news, i keep ignoring and yet you guys wont stop!! If you ever speak ill of me and i haven’t  offended you in any way, i swear on my dead twin brother that you will suffer and and die an early death! Mark this!! I see you all and you will die one by one..aaaha what is it??” – She added.

Fella has been in the news since last year for all the negative reasons.

See Screenshot Below:


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