Stop being ‘bush’ ladies – Naa Odofoley slams slay queens

Legal practitioner and member of the Ghana Football Association’s Normalization Committee, Naa Odofoley Nortey is displeased, to say the least, with how some females expose their bodies on social media in the quest to get attention from men.

The principled lawyer taking her turn on GhanaWeb TV’s ‘Sports Check’, said she is annoyed by the incessant display of ‘bush’ attitude by ladies when they are supposed to be measured as regards how they behave on these platforms.

She told host, Daniel Oduro, it is prudent for ladies to explore the positive side of social media, stay focused and earn respect instead of devaluing themselves.

“It’s good to have social media; you don’t need to show your tits and ass on social media. Let people appreciate you for what is here [pointing to the head]. You should have value as a human being, you should educate yourself, you should be polite, you should be a lady…” she said in response to what she will tell a young girl who would want to reach the very top of her career.

Describing the act as backward, a visibly worried Naa Odofoley said: “I get very sad when I see some of these videos. What is going on? Why should a lady be bush? Why should you be half-naked in public? You can look sexy without showing your bits. It’s something that bugs me. It hurts me that people think it is okay to just dress up and look good and follow one man or the other. Why do you have to take money from a man? Make your own money.”


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