Update: Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador Stabs Herself To Death?

It is alleged that Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, former HIV/AIDS Ambassador of Ghana has stabbed herself to death.

According to a video making rounds on social media, a lady who looks 99% like Dzidzor is seen lying in a pool of her own blood with a knife buried in her belly.

From the video, it appears she stabbed herself to death inside her living room and the person who barged into her lifeless body took the video.



Even though the video appears very real and not just acted, many social media people have brushed off any bit of truth in it, crediting it to Joyce’s hunger for publicity and fame.

To confirm some basic details, we at Tieghanaonline.com made a quick check on her social media timelines and realised the last time she posted was about 22 hours ago. We also realised that as of the time of checking, she was still online on Facebook. This creates a mixed feeling as we are not sure of what to believe at this point.

Meanwhile, earlier checks on her timelines indicated that the former HIV/AIDS ambassador who has had hitches with the AIDS Commission threatened to kill herself on several occassions in the past.

She was also seen recently posting photos of men who attempted to have sex with her. We shall follow this story promptly to give you updates on this. Keep refreshing this page for more updates on this. We’d be giving live updates on this.


Ex-HIV/AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor begs Ghanaians For Help
Joyce Dzidzor Mensah


SOurce: Tieghanaonline.com


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