Victoria Lebene Steals A Picture from Google to Lie On Instagram That It’s from Her Honeymoon in Greece

It’s no more news that a lot of these so-called celebrities live fake lives and some of their shallow-minded followers even envy and wish to be like them not knowing that most of the things they show off are either borrowed or not theirs.

Ghanaian actress Victoria Mekpah Lebene who recently married Blogger, Eugene Osafo Nkansah took to her Instagram page to share a photo which shows that she woke up to a sumptuous breakfast as she’s celebrating her honeymoon.

The location seen on the picture is Rhodes Island Greece which is indicating that Victoria Lebene is enjoying her honeymoon inside Greece.


However, she has being busted for lying to her followers as the picture she posted was not taken by her. She stole it from Google just to deceive her followers.

Below is the photo that Lebene posted:

And below is the photo from Google results for search on “breakfast at Santorini Greece”:

So you can see well enough that Lebene is simply living a fake life. As it stands, she’s said not to have stepped her foot in Greece for any honeymoon as she’s making us to believe.

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