You will be getting things you didn’t pray for – Dag Heward-Mills prophecies

While it seems some Ghanaian pastors only specialise in negative prophecies, particularly concerning those about to die, there are some that are known for positive ones.

One of such positive and uplifting prophecy has been released by popular pastor Dag Heward-Mills, founder and general overseer of the Lighthouse Chapel International. In this prophecy sighted by YEN.com.gh on his Facebook page, the Bishop prophecied that people would get things they didn’t pray for, but to achieve that they must first stay around God.

He wrote: “As you stay around God, you will be getting things you didn’t pray for – Da Heward-Mills prophecies.” By this prophecy, Heward-Mills sought to encourage people to be pious in their service to God so as to enjoy the benefits he gives to those who stay faithful to him.

It also assures them that God would even grant them the heart desires they did not pray for. His prophecy has received many responses from some Ghanaians, many of whom have said “I receive it”.

For instance, Madison, typed a prolonged Amen in appreciation of the prophecy and for it to come true, adding that she had received it: Joseph also thanked the Bishop for the prophecy: For Mawuli, he was so touched to type triple Amen: Millicent was also not left out in receving the prophecy: There are many of such responses that show how Heward-Mills’ fans and church members are grateful for such a prophecy. Perhaps, this new prophecy could be an escape for Ghanaians from the many negative ones that have plagued the nation in recent times. At the beginning of this year, many negative prophecies were flying all over, with many of these self-proclaimed prophets claiming that people would die. One of them called Prophet Solomon claimed that many Ghanaian pastors will die this year. According to him, one of these pastors who is very prominent will also die and his death would shock the whole nation.


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