And He Shall Reign : A Review Of The Reign Album

DON’T BABY MY BABY is a perfect intro to the album. The king tells you his dream he’s got and different directions and dimension.
I guess that’s why he does things totally different from the others right?
BEND OVER shares the same tempo with the Intro. It is a perfection of what Shatta does best.
The king told his baby he is never like the other boys. He will always treat her right. In fact, make her Shatta movement even if she is Sark nation or Bhim nation.
Champion makes a lot of promises to his baby on SQUEEZE me. The King repents on I REGRET, and asks for forgiveness from his baby whom he had offended severally.
Champion sees nobody apart from his baby in IF I SEE, as his queen also watches nobody else as Champion rain praises on her.
Just GIVE DEM SOMETHING to dance to, this was the king did exactly here.
In  CRAZY, Da Don Dada flaunts his possessions here, this is must listen for the streets hustlers and a club banger at the same time, you know when the money finish, we go back to the cafe.
The King and Olamide did exactly  Wonders on beat just to make us dance.
The King calls ROSALINDA to come and enjoy his glory and money and she should forget about the past.
The King tells us about her London sister that blesses his gringo on SISTER SISTER. Another grove song.
MAMA STORIES is the king’s favourite on the album, The king promise his mum surely he will make things better very soon, so she should be strong, an inspirational tune there.
My MIND IS MADE UP, The king is so focused, all he wants to do is be greater and count the paper.
And he gets king’s treat from ladies as well. The dancehall vibe like that of my mind is made and gringo was still repeated on CEASAR to let you know that he is the African dancehall King. You know what is for Ceasar is definitely be given to Ceasar.
EXODUS portrays his lyrical prowess here and goes harder than all the songs on the album. This is a song for the ghetto youth.
The King makes the exists here, by saying he has got different styles, and not like the others with ONE WAY STYLE
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