Breaking News!! Cristiano Ronaldo Sentenced To 2 Year In Jail (Read Details)

Cristinio Ronaldo will finally be sentenced for tax fraud next month after admitting avoiding paying £12million in taxes to the Spanish government. Juventus star Ronaldo has been locked in a legal battle with tax authorities in Spain for the past year after being accused of not declaring his full earnings over a four year period.

And the 33-year-old ex-Real Madrid forward will be formally sentenced on January 21 after striking a deal with prosecutors. It will see Ronaldo fined £17m and also sentenced to a two-year jail term at the Madrid Provincial Court.

But he will avoid serving any time behind bars as under Spanish law, sentences under two years can be served on probation. The hearing, listed on court documents to start at 9.50am local time on January 21, will be a rubber-stamping of an agreement reached between the player and tax officials.

He is accused of four counts of tax fraud on the charge sheet, relating to failing to pay the correct amount of taxes on his image rights between 2011-2014. The Spanish Treasury had accused Ronaldo of not paying £12.8m in taxes over the four year period.

The Prosecutor for Economic Crimes in Madrid reportedly found that Ronaldo had “voluntarily” and “consciously” not paid tax on his image-rights earnings for the that length of time.

The Public Ministry also claimed that Ronaldo presented income from Spanish sources of £10.4m for the same time, when they believe his true income was nearly £38.9m.

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