I Can’t Perform For Free; The Era Of Gospel Musicians Performing With ‘Empty Stomachs’ Is Over; It’s Now Business — Joyce Blessing

Joyce Blessing

Female gospel musician, Joyce Blessing has stated without mincing words that there is no way she will perform at an event or show for free — in fact, there is nothing like pro bono in her diary, she goes with ‘no cash, no show’ principle.
Joyce Blessing in an interview with Ike De Farmer on Shalom FM’s ‘Lunch Hour’ stated that the era where gospel musicians performed with empty stomachs in the name of helping God’s work is over and that gospel music is now business.

“Yes, it is ministry but you exchange money; so it’s business. You pay for the video to be shown on television and for your songs to be played on the radio as well. If you argue that it is a ministry so we should not charge, at the end of the day, how can we continue with the work?”, Joyce quizzed.
Joyce Blessing added that even if she accepts to perform for free, her management, Zylofon Music won’t agree to it because a lot of cash has been invested in her music and brand.

“We need money to push God’s work. You must charge for performing because everything about music is money. Even Churches take offerings. Aside from everything I’m under Zylofon Media. NAM1 has invested into my music career so how do you expect him to make returns? There is no way I can perform for free because my management won’t allow me”, She said.
She concluded that gospel music is business and not some philanthropic or charity business where everything is free

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