Kunta Kinte Of Bradez Reveals He Suffered At The Hands Of Ghana’s ‘Deathcare’ System As His Stroke Was Diagnosed As Malaria

Kunta kinte,musician

In recent weeks the pathetic state of Ghana’s health system has been at the forefront of the news as story after story illustrates how dangerous it is to fall sick in this sh*thole called Ghana.
In an emergency there won’t be any ambulance to come to your aid and if you suffer to get to the hospital by your own volition, you might get turned away for lack of beds.
Either that or you’ll have to buy a plastic chair and wait in it till it’s your turn, at which point a greedy doctor might ask you for some exorbitant amount of money you don’t have before treating you. The pitfalls are everywhere.
Aside all these even when you’re treated you’re not guaranteed the best quality healthcare there is.
The Ghanaian rapper Kunta Kinte of Bradez fame who has been out of the industry for close to a decade after suffering a stroke has revealed exactly what happened which led to his long illness.
Speaking with online portal mynewsgh, he said he was in the early stages of his stroke when he went to the University of Ghana hospital for treatment.
Despite being in an emergency, the nurse on duty refused to allow him to see the doctor and after waiting for hours, the doctor lazily diagnosed him of malaria and gave him an injection.

He swears that if he had received the best treatment in those initial stages he would never have had to suffer such a long illness.
“Whilst I was being taken inside the hospital, the nurse agitated that she will not understand why I jumped the queue to see the doctor and made me wait till they had finished with those I met there.
“When I entered to see the doctor, he just looked at my eyes and diagnosed me of malaria and gave me some injection. See that now,” he said.
“After I went back to the hostel, that was all. But for me I knew it wasn’t malaria. If the doctor had given me Aspirin, I would not have suffered from stroke” he added.
Kinte is now firmly back on his feet and is back in the industry, having dropped a new album.

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