I never neglected Becca, I gave birth to her at age 15 – Becca’s mother recounts

Becca’s mother is currently in pains over treatments being metted on her by her own daughter after she got married to her Nigerian husband.

Following wild speculation that she ignored the songstress when she most needed her comes the true revelation from the horse’s own mouth.


According to Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti, she never ignored or neglected her own daughter as she is trying to paint it.

'I never neglected Becca, I gave birth to her at age 15 - Becca's mother recounts

Julie however claimed she left Becca in the care of her mother thus Becca’s grandmother because she had to leave for London.

She also added that she gave birth to Becca at a very early age of 15.

Becca’s mum labeled her daughter’s husband as a thief during the interview process.


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