‘You’re truly a witch’ – Afia Schwarzenegger blasts Becca’s mother.

Media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, has blasted Becca’s mother over her recent exposé that the musician and her husband Tobi Sanni has neglected her as if she’s not her mother and mother in-law respectively.

Becca’s mother, Julie Yiadom-Otirevealed that Becca and her hubby has labelled her as a witch so they didn’t even inform her on the birth of their child.

becca and her mother


Well, Afia Schwarzenegger has come out to say that it isn’t necessary for Becca’s mother to come out and wash the dirty linen of her daughter on social media.

Afia suggested that Becca’s mom could have rather gone to a family head or Becca’s spiritual father Rev Eastwood Anaba so that whatever the problem was could be resolved. Instead of putting it in the hands of a Blogger considering the nature of Becca’s job.

Afia went on to remark that Becca’s mother is indeed a witch. According to her, to say you’re a witch doesn’t mean you fly at night or you suck blood. But your behaviour sometimes is what would make people call you a witch and that’s exactly who Becca’s mom is. She said in a video.

Watch video below:


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