Kuami Eugene Blew Over Ghc100,000 On Two Expensive Watches in 2018

When you get money, sometimes you have to buy the things you’ve always desired to excite your soul and that’s exactly what Kuame Eugene did in 2018 as he bought 2 expensive watches for having a successful year.

The ‘Rockstar’ flaunted 2 expensive watches on Instagram and revealed that he was able to buy them thanks to the money he made from his online streams and shows.

Kuami Eugene

The two watches are Patek Phillipe and Vacheron Constantin Dragon. Checks by Ghbase.com reveals that, the cheapest version of the Patek Philipe cost about Ghc69,000 and the cheapest version of the Vacheron Constantin Dragon is at Ghc50,000.

He jokingly added that his mother will ‘kill’ him if she finds out the price of the watches.

His full post read:

“After a good year (2018) comes A Patek Philippe Luxury And A Vacheron Constantin Dragon. Thank y’all so much for the online streams and for the shows . Y’all helped fulfill my dream. I thank God my mum Doesn’t know the prices of these watches?. Like I’m dead ? #HappySunday??”, he wrote.

Kuami Eugene blows over Ghc100,000 on two watches

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